God expects you to overcome evil – Romans 12

God expects to overcome evil and not just do that but with good. 

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We all have blown our lid sometimes at the snarky customer rep on the phone or just got annoyed at the friend who said they were going to do something and forgot. Did you even think it may be the devil wanted you to get down on his level? 

Hmmmm— I know. Guilty as charged and frustration is not an excuse when we lose it if we have found Jesus. 

So how do we do it this overcoming thing and NOT allowing evil to have fun with us? 

Romans 12:1-21 is a good place to start. We can not alone defeat evil but overcome it with good and really show the devil his place. We all have had our weaker moments. But, can you think of time when you did change someone’s day by being kinder than expected?

How sometimes a smile or a kind word makes someone day when the rest of the world has been less than nice to them. 

1.Doing good towards our enemies is not always easy.  The phone call with a customer service rep that is just “not getting it” or just that friend you have not talked to for years or a stranger  that is standing between you and a better day because they don’t know what you have had to deal with in yours.  We need to take a step back and see what we can do that is kinder than expected of us and change our behavior for the better; overcoming  evil with the all the good we have in us because of the Holy Spirit, prayer, rejoicing that we have Jesus and maybe they don’t. (Verses 16-17) I like when God says don’t “over estimate ourselves “. I think HE knows that pride gets in the way and evil wins with our emotional responses that are not of God’s love. (Verse 9) Any of this sounding familiar? I am so glad I am not the only one! 

2. We must hate all evil to the point of detesting and holding tight to love. Devoted to another as in verse 9-10 takes serving, rejoicing, having hope, being devoted in prayer, and seeking constant wisdom and strength. God knows this battle with evil is not easy but he also knows we can overcome it with the tools He has given us. (Verse 10-12)

4.When someone curses us (Verse 14) we need to bless them. Sometimes that takes a lot  of  prayer right then and we need to do  it. We should never curse our worst enemy because the way I look at it – how I am different than the ugliness I see in someone that is cursing anger towards another child of God. 

And if we do, we need to reset, ask forgiveness and take the GRACE that we need and bless them with the humility we can dig up within. I can say personally that God can even use our mistakes for His glory as in Romans 8:28. We have grace abound but we must repent and allow God to intervene and not allow evil to take over the situation that really is worth our anger or frustration damaging another’s soul and spirit. Forgiveness takes a lot to swallow but asking for it can really make you push your ego down. 

5. God expects us to overcome evil. (Verse 21) He knows that he has given us the strength and the Holy Spirit to conquer, rise above, do good, and not harm people that may have harmed us. God knows that evil may be trying to use us for the devil’s schemes. Do we want to be part of God’s plan?  Then that requires us to be humble and allow the Lord to take revenge. Not so easy at times.  We all have been there but with faith and the Holy Spirit guiding us— We must and can overcome evil and not just overcome it but with good. 

God will bring out the best in us. (Romans 12-1) We are His living sacrifice. God will transform us more and more into spiritual maturity. It takes reading His word, taking note that it is not always easy to overcome but we have the tools that God has given us; in His word, by His spirit, and by our actions.  We can maybe change and move someone towards God instead of moving them towards evil. We are His witnesses and we need to be alert to battle evil if duty calls.

I would love to hear about your struggles and how Romans 12 has helped you. Please leave comments. May the love that transforms us always be before us and we kick the devil’s butt! 😉 

IN JOY your day – DeeDee 

Published by DeeDee Fetts, LCMHC, LPCC, NCC

Counselor, Coach, Serving Jesus and inspiring hearts @healingwingscounseling @therapyhearttalk- Brokenness is a beginning to healing our hearts

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